Sexual Assault
Recovery and Drug Addiction

Hope for Healing.Org

Survivors sometimes donít like to talk about sexual assault recovery and addiction. Talking about problems with finding drug and alcohol treatment centers can be even less appealing.

People who have been abused will turn to whatever they can to self-medicate as a way of covering up emotional hurt. No one wakes up one morning and decides to become addicted to anything. At first, the substances become a daily coping strategy. As time goes on that strategy backfires.

It is not uncommon for abuse survivors to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Professionals originally thought that Post traumatic stress disorder was only seen in soldiers who were involved in war. As understanding of PTSD expanded so did the realization that survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse and natural disasters are also at risk for the development of the disorder.

The problem is that people who are dealing with sexual assault recovery may not get the help they deserve. Proper treatment (such as finding drug and alcohol treatment centers) can help resolve the symptoms of PTSD that lead to the self-medication.

At first, the substances seem like a way to deaden the pain. However; that very substance that an abuse survivor reaches out for only adds insult to injury. Not only is the pain deadened but the bright moments in life are also deadened. Finding drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you get your life back on track.

Logically we know that being abused was not our fault. The problem is that the road from our head to our heart where our emotions are store is long and winding. Self-medication puts speed bumps on the pavement that can slow down the healing process.

For survivors and our families, finding drug and alcohol treatment centers can be overwhelming. The good news is that it doesnít have to be.

You can overcome sexual assault recovery and drug addition to have the life that you want. Healthcare providers, clergy and crisis centers are good places to reach out to for support. They may not replace reaching out to drug and alcohol treatment centers. No matter what you decide to do, reaching out for help is the first step toward the healed life that you want and deserve.

Taking that first step is hard, but you are worth it.

Hope for Healing.Org is a 501c3 nonprofit helps survivors of sexual and domestic violence find healing. The organization was founded by a survivor who believes that hope happens and healing is possible.